Welcome to PearlBuds


Hello, My name is Neha and a warm welcome to PearlBuds. 

PearlBuds and my son Little R were conceived a week apart. So you can imagine my excitement, love and passion for my two babies. Both are growing (fast), they have their ups and downs yet they both put a smile on my face every time I just look at them.

One is my whole universe and the other connects me to  it.  

I am passionate about learning but in a fun, creative and engaging way; plus doing all that on a budget. 10 years of international teaching experience, 6 years of marriage, 4 years shuttling between countries, 2 Master Degrees and International Diplomas, 18 hours of labour and 1 adorable munchkin – that sums up my life !!

Similar to many new moms, I face the self-inflicted frustration of self doubt. “Am I doing enough? What am I missing? Am I good mother ? But my frustration is always outweighed by watching my son grow beautifully, our family growing closer, welcoming each new day with excitement and eagerness of what lies ahead.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts and share my journey to help children around the world rediscover the joy of learning !!

Love, Neha